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The Mississippi School for the Deaf is a technology rich campus. Each student is provided with a tool to enable them to be a digital learner. These tools are integrated in the instructional process in the classroom to prepare them for the local and global workforce.

  • Each elementary student is provided an iPad
  • Each secondary student is provided a MacBook Air
  • Each classroom has a SmartBoard, iMac, iPads, and Visual Public Announcement System (VPA).

The visual public address system allows for students and staff to have information streamed to each classroom through PowerPoints, text, or American Sign Language (ASL). We also have a media room to broadcast information to the community through Facebook, Twitter, the MSD Website, and MySchoolWay.

MSD utilizes comprehensive software to assist with the instructional process and to measure student performance in real time. Examples of the software in use are Mastery Connect, School Mint, Survey Monkey, FreedCamp, Microsoft Office, Accelerated Reading, Newslea, and educational Mac applications.

Here are the list of approved sites/applications that the Mississippi School for the Deaf uses with their students and staff:

If you are interested in an account with the application listed above, please contact your supervisor.