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Elementary School

Students in Pre-K through the fifth grade have an opportunity to access the Mississippi Frameworks Curriculum and the College Career Readiness Standards (CCRP) in language arts, math, science, social studies and physical education. Support services including speech therapy, audiological services, counseling, occupational therapy and physical therapy are available based on assessment and the IEP. Appropriate modifications such as the use of captioned films and learning strategies developed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing students are provided to support the student's access to and success with the curriculum.

Exposure to communication is important at every age, but critical during the pre-school and elementary years. It is our ultimate goal that communication include American Sign Language (ASL), written English (and spoken English when appropriate), as well as the newest means of communication through technology. Staff members, deaf and hearing, work together to provide both ASL and English role models as we strive to have our students become bilingual by demonstrating comptetencies in both languages.

For more information about K-8, please email Mrs. Cheryl Kaler at CKaler@mdek12.org