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LC Blake

Grounds Maintenance/Horticulture

LC Blake

Grounds Maintenance/Horticulture is a program that prepares students for entry-level employment or continuing education in a variety of fields related to horticulture and building/grounds maintenance industries. The students complete units in plant structure and growth, plant propagation, pest management, floristry, greenhouse crops and management, vegetable production, nursery and landscape plants, landscape maintenance, turf grass installation and maintenance, building maintenance, safety, general residential/commercial building care, floor and upholstery care, and restroom care.

Classroom Rules

Arrive on time, ready to work.
Be respectful of all students, staff ad rules.
Keep hands, feet and object to yourself.
Do not interrupt other students’ learning.
Do your work: classwork & homework.

1st offense: verbal warning.
2nd offense: conference with teacher
3rd offense: after school detention
4th offense: referral to Discipline Office