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Jennifer Coleman

Jennifer Coleman


Zoology/Environmental Science 11th grade


Dear Parents,

Welcome back!!! It is an exciting time for your child as they continue their high school experience.  This year, 11th graders will have several opportunities to retake the Biology SATP if needed.  This is one of four tests they MUST PASS to receive a high school diploma.  I will be presenting information and reviewing in class; however, it is imperative that your child prepare outside of class as well.  Here is a site that has practice tests for students to work independently:   http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/acad/osa/satpprac.html 


Course Overview: Zoology (Fall Semester) consists of units on the animals, classifications, and habitation. Environmental Science (Spring Semester) consists of units on environment and how animals response to environment..



Academic Grade:  Grades will come from six areas:  class work, homework, quizzes, tests, projects and participation.  A homework responsibility grade will be taken after each five sessions due to block scheduling.  Students accrue a check mark or an X for completion of homework as well as class preparation & personal responsibility.  Students must come to class with folders, textbook, pen/pencil, paper, and completed homework. 

Five checks equal   A.

Four checks equal   B.

Three checks equal C.

Two checks equal   D.

One check equals    F.


Quizzes and tests will consist of a variety of true/false questions, multiple choice questions, listing, and/or occasionally essay questions.  A study guide will be given prior to the nine weeks final exam.

MSD student handbook grading policy will be followed:

Homework      10%

Class work      20%

Tests               25%

Projects           20%

Quizzes           15%

Participation    10%


This syllabus serves as a contract between the classroom teacher and students enrolled in this course.  However, accommodations and modifications outlined in student IEPs supercede all course policies.

Special Assignment:  The Science Fair will occur in January, 2016.  Students will conduct this assignment at school and at home.  Student is responsible for experiment materials.  Student is responsible for purchasing the display board.  This project is a major part of the student’s grade.  Grades will come from the research paper and other written components.  Winners from our local MSD science fair will advance to the Regional Science Fair to be held at Jackson State University in March, 2016.  Each student is required to purchase a USB flash drive (memory stick) to be used with the computer to keep written work for this project.


Additional Information: 

1.Students may ask to do an extra credit report at any time to boost their grade.  There are many scientists that can be studied and researched.  Students may choose a topic they are interested in or I may recommend a particular topic.

2.Students are required to take notes during class lectures as an aid for preparing tests and doing homework.  If it is important enough for me to write it on the board then it is important enough for you to take notes on it.  Study notes may be written in cursive or in print.

3.Students will receive a numeric grade using the following grade scale:


















  1. We have several class pets to enhance learning in the classroom.  Students who are allergic need to inform the teacher.  Students will need to wash hands after handling animals.  Extra credit can be earned for volunteering to keep the guinea pig over holidays; however, animals are not permitted on homegoing buses.
  2. In order to promote more student independence and responsibility, there will be no 2nd chances on tests, quizzes, class work, or homework.
  3. I will not be accepting any late homework. Students will receive a zero. 

There are 2 exceptions:

a.  School trip-due the following day

b.  Excused absences-however many days absent, you have that many days to complete work (for example: 2 days excused absence = 2 days to turn in work)


Communication is very important and I would like to be able to contact you periodically throughout the year to let you know of field trips, upcoming events, when your child is doing well and when s/he needs assistance.  I would also like you to feel free to contact me at any time.  My email is at the top of the syllabus.  Please send me your email address.


  • USB flash drive
  • 2 yellow highlighters
  • 1 pack of index cards (for vocabulary words)
  • 4 folders with the three prongs/brads
  •  1 Germ X or Lysol disinfectant wipes
  • 1 bottle glue, optional

Goals of the Class:

  1. Learn how scientists answer questions.
  • We will study the procedures scientists use to study and answer questions about how the world around us really works.
  1. Practice methods used in scientific experiments.
  • We will learn how to measure and collect information in an experiment.
  1. Learn how to perform scientific experiments.
  • We will perform many kinds of experiments to learn more about the area of study.
  1. Learn how to analyze information
  • We will learn how to analyze and draw conclusions based on our research, information, and experiments.
  1. Make this class fun for everyone.


Students will be required to bring:

-Pencils and color pencils


-Index cards

-USB flash drive

-A few sticks of glue


The students are responsible to keep their schoolwork in binder in order to help them study for test.



Your grade in Science will be based on the following:

Science Grading Policy


Percentage of final grade











Class Participation






Academic Dishonesty:

There are two types of academic dishonesty: cheating and plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of taking the thoughts or writing of others and presenting them as your own. Cheating and plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in an automatic zero.

Late Work:

Late work will only be allowed with an acceptable excuse- sick and emergency. Unacceptable excuses will result in a zero.

This syllabus serves as a contract between the classroom teacher and students enrolled in this course.  However, accommodations and modifications outlined in student IEPs supercede all course policies.



We have so much to accomplish this year- so every day is important. During an unexcused absence, students will be given a chance to make up work and receive ½ credit upon completion.


There will be homework at least once a week. Most of the time, it will be worksheets for studying or unfinished assignments.


Available upon a request, I am always willing to work with anyone who shows a desire to learn.


The best way to contact me is through e-mail- jcoleman@mde.k12.ms.us Feel free to discuss with me any questions or concerns you may have. My classroom is open to all parents. Please let me know when you are coming in so I can notify Dr. Bradley Porche’, the principal.