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Congratulations Darius Trice



   Mississippi School for the Deaf
   Grade: Senior
   Sport: Football
   Position: Tailback and Linebacker

Off the football field, Darius is known to be a kind student who cares about others and is always willing to offer a helping hand. But on the football field, Darius strikes fear in his opponents. He is unstoppable as a tailback averaging over 300 total offensive yards. Darius has rushed for 1,123 yards in four games averaging about 281 yards per game and has 182 receiving yards good for an average of 45.5 yards per game. As a linebacker, Darius uses his speed to get to the ball. He has been in on 20 solo tackles and 22 assisted tackles averaging 10.5 tackles per game.

“Darius Trice is indeed a total package athlete but more importantly he is a total package young man. He is a leader to all the students on this campus in his words and his actions.” – Mississippi Athletic Director Holly Reichle


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