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Brian Jones

P.A.E.S. Lab contact information, rules and course outline
The Practical Assessment Exploration System-PAES

Brian Jones 601-984-8000

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
Use good manners.
Follow directions the first time.
Respect property.
Be patient.  Wait your turn.


PAES is a functional skills curriculum with an embedded assessment of vocational potential and employability skills.  PAES is a research-based assessment system that identifies:  1) aptitude for community based employment, 2) functional skills, 3) interests, 4) work behavior strengths and barriers to success.  PAES is conducted in a simulated work environment within a classroom setting where students work on simulations of actual tasks performed on community based jobs.
There are 5 major work stations including construction/industrial, consumer/service, processing/production, business/marketing and computer technology.  Construction/industrial includes jobs entailing shop measurements, wrenches and bolts, screws and nails, shop saws, wood projects, metal projects, electrical projects and parts identification.  Consumer/service jobs entail food measurement, food preparation, kitchen appliances, food service, food weights, cloth measurement, hand sewing, machine sewing, cloth construction and housekeeping/custodial.  Processing/production entails bolt assembly, pipe assembly, color assembly, form design, peg design, visual perception, thread design, paper cutting, analogue time and digital time.  Business/marketing entails alphabetizing, identification/filing, numerical sorting, collating, making change, ten key calculator, cash register and typing.  Computer technology entails data entry, word processing, mailing technology, E-Mail, information technology, information management, Power Point and digital photos.
As a reward for working these tedious jobs we have measured, cut, built and painted wood benches.  We have measured, cut, constructed and tied numerous catfish floating “noodles” for fishing applications.  Students have built pencil holders.  Students will be exposed to carving and painting wooden bass fishing lures.  With the advice of a student I have started building a “prototype” adjustable, wooden backboard for deflecting tennis balls for individual skill building and personal shot making on the tennis court.  I am adjusting several pitch angles to simulate hitting overhead lobs, swinging volleys and normal, flatter groundstrokes for practice hitting both forehands and backhands.